Sunday, 14 August 2011


So im considering getting some special contact lenses to make my eyes look better, there are so many to choose from but im not sure whether i can wear them long term as i have astigmatism, and im pretty sure fashion lenses don't correct the condition. I particularly like the Princess  Mi mi ones in almond colour, i also like the grey ones on the asian contact lenses websites. SO.....YEAH, earlty birthday present anyone?

Friday, 12 August 2011


The artist, Federico Uribe, has created female toros using different materials like coins, bullets, safety pins, color pencils, locks, clothes pins, pencil erasers and others.

Artist Lucy McRae of Australia poses after she glued safety pins on her body at the Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Short sleeved cotton T-shirt by McQ featuring safety pin printed metallic wings across the front, a ribbed crew neck and turned-up cuffs

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Jessie J is probably one of my favourite music artists at the moment, everything about her is amazing, her original sense of style, conveys a degree of edgyness, rock-chic and hardness. I love her hair and her makeup.

Dark trends, i have a slight skull and skeleton fetish. I love it all!!


Forever Uniques new Autumn Winter Collection 2011 is now up on the site.

You should definetly pre order Tameka, Tania and  Sherri!!! Beautiful dresses all ready to wear for the Christmas period.


OK, so the biggest thing on the news recently has been about the Riot's happening all over the UK in the major cities, such as London, Bristol my home city, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester where i currently live.

Last night, because Manchester is highlighted as a red zone area for the youth riots to start, all the shops in the town center closed at 4pm, instead of the usual 8pm. This was frustrating because i really wanted to do some shopping after work.

Whilst walking home, police had surrounded areas in Manchester, i didn't wait around to see the riot kick start, but the tension in the air was so thick, everyone tried to get home as quickly as possible. Roads were flooded by cars and whilst walking down China Town i noticed the local resturants had put wooden tables against the window glass to prevent anyone from breaking in.

When i got home, i watched the news on TV, watchin these young kids destroying everything, it was shameful and uneccessary. They don't have a point to make, just lots of excuses like a child not admitting doing anything wrong and blaming others.

THEY DESTROYED MISS SELFRIDGE, one of my favourite shops. (Daily mail image)

Kids that are so young they shouldn't even drink, but here they are raiding Sainsburies of it's boozel supply. THESE PEOPLE NEEDS SOME EXTREME PUNISHING!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I love the WildFox White label brand, it's fun, young fashionable with refreshingly simple shapes, making each piece easy to style and easy to wear. Known to produce funky tees, stylish casual wear, each with a twist of extreme bling and statment illustrative slogans.

I particularly adore this particular top,featured in the Wildfox White Label Spring/ Summer 2011 collection. IF ANYONE OUT THERE LOVES ME PLEASE BUY ME THIS!!!

Festival Fashion 2011

The festival season is coming to a close, and the beginning of Autumn Winter 2011 is hitting the high streets now, one particular fashion aspect of the Summer was the Vintage Mexican festival embroided dresses i've been keeping an eye out for. I'm sure you can tell by now by now i have a slight fetish for colourful embroided garment!

There are loads of these Mexican inspired dresses on Ebay. Whilst google, i can across a really old season Zara dress, and feel in love with the design.

'Black Sequined ZARA black embroidered SMOCK dress 1980s' AROUND GIVE ME A BUZZ, love it so much.

Floral Bling dress

I am in love with this 'Aura Boutique Sequin embroidered dress' by F&F in Tescos at the moment, i may have to buy it, I am so drawn to the embroidery and this the shape is simple and compliments the overall style of the garment, definetly a win for the high street take on Christopher Kane's Collection. Only £22.50 at the moment bargain, too bad i don't have a Tescos anywhere near me to try it on!

Loving Leather

Recently i have been craving leather products, especially the cute, but lustful leather shift dresses.

My favourite has got to be the leather embroidery dress by Christopher Kane in his 2010 Fall collection, worn by Emma Watson. I love what Christopher Kane illustrates in fashion, he manages to brighten every garment up with his lovely use of colours and his 90's inspired shapes and lace details are so flattering.

The colours of the embroidery really stand out from the black base. Stunning. I wish my boyfriend would by me one.